Who are we?

To start with - Who was Mencius?
Meng Tzu, or, in Latinised form, Mencius (372-289 B.C.), a Confucian, based his system of thought on the concept of: humaneness, humanity, and benevolence. To this basic doctrine he added the concept of: righteousness and duty. Mencius believed that the humaneness or benevolence that you show to individuals should in some way be influenced by the type of personal relationship you have to that person. This therefore means that we have obligations to people that arise solely from social relations and social organisation, not because there is some divine law mandating these obligations. Interestingly, this could therefore be considered to be a very early form of what was to be called in modern times the "social contract".

So who are we?
Mencius Business Solutions is a consultancy, based on a core set of dedicated consultants, supported by trusted partners, specialising in information and process management with regard to business, including the use of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) as an effective business tool and also drives projects related to Corporate Social Responsibility and business ethics. As an organisation, we adhere to the principle that leadership and the ability to advise others is a right earned, not divinely given, so our advice is honest, open and truly in the spirit of being in the best interest of the customer.
By following our principles we believe that we set a benchmark for the business environment and create a situation where organisations look to mutual success rather than one-sided relationships.