Business Process Re-engineering

To sustain competitive advantage in today’s business environment, companies need to respond instantly to change. However, for many companies, organisational complexity limits their ability to adapt. Multiple business units, uncoordinated processes, diverse operating systems and uncertain decision-making standards make change difficult and swift response to marketplace shifts virtually impossible.
Whether your business is simply looking to modernise its processes, addressing compliance requirements, completing post-merger integrations, open offices in new locations, or simply improve business performance. Mencius Business Solutions can help meet these objectives by offering robust process optimisation services that combine Lean/Six Sigma methods with proven Organisational Change Management and industry/technology expertise. So if you are optimising your supply chain, implementing IT best practices, fine-tuning your order-to-cash processes, or revising your client/supplier interface processes, Mencius Business Solutions can help you define and implement optimised processes to meet your business objectives .

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