Services Business Development

In today's business environment, simply selling hardware or tangible products cannot contribute to growth and margin in the way that investors demand. Mencius Business Solutions provides business consultants and advisors for many international organisations, specialised in helping technology organisations achieve their services' business growth objectives. We work with the leadership and staff within the sales organisations of professional firms to help them:

* Generate more high quality leads
* Manage pipelines and revenue to international standards
* Win new clients
* Retain and grow business with existing clients
* Manage their Key Accounts more effectively
* Build a positive business development culture
* Grow the sales capabilities of their team

The ability to sell and deliver professional services is often viewed more as a mystical skill than a distinct learnable process - and those who posses that skill are often not effective at coaching other staff. Firms are often unclear as to which marketing and business development approaches work in their sector and they frequently lack the structured sales and pipeline management processes needed to get control of their sales. In addition, the majority of the proven and effective approaches, tools and techniques developed for selling tangible products either don't work - or need serious adaptation to work for selling professional services. We specialise in helping firms overcome these challenges to build thriving, profitable professional service practices.