Translation & Cultural Localisation

As 'World English' becomes the dominant business language, the professional editors at Mencius Business Solutions can tailor your text to ensure clear and succinct communication. This, coupled with the need for expertise in foreign languages, is not only essential for purposes of mutual intelligibility between different national languages and cultures, but also for the larger processes of cross-cultural hybridisation that produce new and different types of identity. Translation & Cultural localisation therefore denotes not only the art and craft of the literary or technical translator, but also a larger cultural formation that emerges through the global flow of workers and increasingly international business environment. The interaction between two or more national traditions is affected by the processes of translation whose articulation requires not only a constantly shifting theoretical endeavour, but also the combination of empirical research and intellectual practice committed to the non-hierarchical study of global cultures.
By providing consultants with many years of experience living and working in different cultures, Mencius Business Solutions can not only assist with your editing, proof-reading, and technical, specialised, translation requirements but also work with your organisation to improve cultural interaction.